Every model screams with excitement when they get a call or text that they have successfully booked projects and shows from their agents. Especially if it’s a big one that will change the look of their wallets. Before landing projects, shows, and more, models do have to go through a casting process. How do some models get a job so effortlessly? Trust me, no model will get a job effortlessly unless you’re Gisele Bündchen who is worth $400 million. So what happens in the casting room when models meet their clients or designers?

Before we get into the details of the casting process, here’s a checklist of what to bring to castings:

  1. Comp Card and Portfolio

These are the most important tools to bring to your casting. Is like a sin if you forgot to bring. Your comp card and portfolio are what help your client remember what you look like and peruse your experiences as a model in visuals.

  1. Any kind of reading material or something to keep you busy

Be it magazines, storybooks, or your biology textbook. While waiting for your turn, bring something to read or do, as it may take a while before it is your turn. During fashion weeks, in particular, hundreds of models will throng the casting to try and book as many shows as possible.

  1. Grab something to nibble on

Because it takes a while, you may feel hungry or sleepy. So bring something to nibble on, at least your jaw muscles will move and your stomach will be satiated. It is recommended that you bring snacks such as sandwiches or wraps, as long as they are not greasy and do not cause a mess on the floor or your chair.

  1. A solid  color  bikini

wait for what? Yes, that’s right a bikini. In case they want to see how you would put on a slightly more revealing outfit, swimwear, or even lingerie.

  1. A pair of flats (for female models)

“Um, don’t I have to wear heels?” Yes, you are supposed to wear heels, but just bring a pair of flats so you can change them when you’re done casting. Don’t want to walk around in flats that are more comfortable when you’re done with work?

“What do models usually wear on castings?”

Something appropriate and simple. No fancy vibrant colors. Typically, models wear a loose shirt or tank top with skinny jeans or black tights with a pair of pumps or something that covers your toes for men. Such as boat shoes or dress shoes. And no accessories! Ladies, don’t forget to go naked or with minimal makeup. Don’t wear that siren red lipstick. Is a huge no because it will be a big distraction.

So now you know what to bring and what to wear. Before we get into the details of the process, you should know that each casting is different from the other. Many models will tell you that. But fear not, they all go through a similar process, but sometimes the client can add something different here and there. Here we go,

  1. Event location

You will be given the address of the casting location before the casting date.

Here’s a tip, if you’re not sure where it is. Do some research on the location the day before you cast to roughly know where it is so you’re not too late for it. If the worst is the case, ask an Uber to take you there.

  1. Enter your information

Once you arrive at the location, trust me, there will be hundreds of others there as well. Don’t be alarmed by the numbers, it’s normal. It’ll probably take you a few seconds to understand where and what’s going on, but get together ASAP and fill out your details on a clipboard. Here’s a hot tip when attending a casting with your friend(s) from the same agency. If they aren’t there yet, secretly write down their name(s) too, because you don’t want them standing in the back of the very long line.

  1. The wait

When you’re done, look around and try to get a seat as it will take a while before it’s your turn. During this time, you may feel bored, lonely, and hungry. Because when each model enters the casting chamber, it takes about 15-20 minutes. We’ll tell you why later. So grab that book you brought and that snack out of your bag. Use that time to read and nibble on something, the next you realize it’s your turn. If you are lucky you may not have to wait long.

  1. the casting

Grab your portfolio and comp card before entering the room. Relax as you enter, you will see your clients or designers waiting for you. Don’t forget to greet them. Most likely they will ask for your comp card and portfolio before moving on to others. They may or may not ask you to introduce yourself. But if they do, just follow the orders. They will have a short chat with you to get to know you better than a pretty face. Make sure to show your true self, they don’t want anyone to fake their personality. Then they would measure you. For runway events, your clients will most likely kindly ask you to show them your walk and pose a few times, have your photo taken for reference purposes and they may also remember how you were that day. Finally, shake their hands and thank them. Then you leave.

When you’re done with that, of course, expect a response or at least some updates. Constantly ask your agencies for updates and make sure they follow up on your clients. But keep in mind that people are super last minute in this industry so be prepared for sudden jobs coming in or sudden changes of decisions.

So now you know what to expect from castings. So don’t fade when you go for your next castings, always keep it simple and enjoy your work. Simplicity is key.

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