The term bathing suit tends to conjure up images of old aunts in mothball-smelling pieces that don’t have appropriate chest support. However, the word bikini brings up all those scantily clad, sports-illustrated models. You probably don’t even remember what they were wearing, with the loudly obnoxious floral print of Aunt Edna’s old suit burned into your memory.

Thanks to these two completely different iconic images, the one-piece swimsuit is tarred and feathered in the same category as old-fashioned granny suits. This isn’t fair. After all, a thong bikini could be just as bad if your Aunt Edna wore it, with age spots and all. Do you see now how it was just an unfortunate association?

One-piece swimwear isn’t inherently prudish or matronly. It can be just as sexy, if not more, than a bikini. Given the choice between a burkini and a micro string bikini, the majority of the population would have a better chance of rocking the total coverage of the burkini, which is a great example of slimming swimwear. The truth is, it’s not what you wear that matters, but how you wear it. When you emerge from the locker room with your arms crossed in front of you, head down in humiliating apology to the world, well, the world will demand an apology. Honestly, no one looks good when they fold in on themselves and bounce around like a frightened mouse in a room full of hungry cats.

What if you decided to just go outside, head up, shoulders back, slightly grinning smile in place? The world wouldn’t collapse and you could just enjoy it. Look around you, very few people can fill their swimsuits without showing off some of their less attractive features. The key is not to think about it. Instead, focus on the parts that show up well or better, think of all the things you can do now that you’re not obsessed with yourself. Let the narcissism rest for a while. Go swimming, play beach volleyball, build a sandcastle, or just hang out with the other people who were brave enough to go out in swimwear. With a little fake faith, it can be a brave new world.