Not all women are fond of wearing a bikini. There’s no harm in showing off your body and letting others appreciate it (in a non-perverted way), as long as you do it gracefully. Wearing a bikini is an art, but unfortunately, not all women know how to do it. All it takes is the right kind of bikini, preparations, and an attitude that screams a healthy “sexy.”

body type

Just because a thong bikini looks good on a model doesn’t mean it looks flattering; be realistic and know what kind of bikini best suits your body type. For example, underwired halter bikinis are suitable for women with voluptuous breasts, while women with a small bust should opt for bikini tops with padding or ruffles for volume. Meanwhile, women with short legs or torso can make do with a bikini that cuts high on the thigh to give the illusion of long legs. Boy shorts and bikinis with embellishments on the hips would complement those with long legs.

Color and print

The color of your bikini should match your skin tone. Dark skin is best accentuated with bright and neon colors or subtle tones like lavender, while fair skin will shine in bright colors and prints. There is a wide selection of bikini patterns and designs to choose from.


Add extra drama to your bikini attire by adding extras to your look. Sunglasses immediately sprinkle everything with glamour, while a wide-brimmed hat can give a graceful and refreshing look. Why not wear a clear cover-up while you’re at it? A colorful sarong can also brighten up a plain bikini.


If it’s your first time wearing a bikini, it’s good to know what preparations many women make. Some women rub themselves with sparkling tanning lotion or bronzer to accentuate their features and give off a beautifully tanned look, while others get a Brazilian wax for a clean look and feel. You can also try vaginal whitening, a procedure that more and more women are undergoing these days. Vaginal bleaching evens out the color of your vagina, so you don’t have to worry about semi-exposure when wearing a bikini.


To top it all off is confidence, which you need to fully flaunt your stuff in a bikini. Wear your bikini with pride and attitude; try to hide your self-consciousness if you can. With the right kind of bikini, preparations such as vaginal whitening, and a lot of confidence, you will be surprised how empowering a woman to wear a bikini can be, liberating you from inhibitions and self-doubt.