Why should you enter a modeling contest?

There are a few different reasons why a model or photographer might consider entering a modeling contest. First, it’s a good way to get discovered by a major magazine, fashion, or modeling agency. It’s a great way to boost your portfolio by adding some credibility to some of your photos. It’s also a valuable way to get feedback or criticism on your photos. Then the third and most obvious reason to win is the prize the contest is offering, which will differ based on each contest and sponsor.

What is a good way to win these matches?

This is going to be general advice as some competitions have very specific criteria that you need to follow. First of all, you must follow the rules of the competition. This means that as a model you don’t show more skin than you are allowed to and that your photo has the right size and resolution. As a photographer, you must ensure that the photos you submit meet the same eligibility requirements. The next important piece of advice I’m going to emphasize is that the image has as high a resolution as possible (more pixels = higher quality) as the contest allows and that you can upload. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen entries in these contests that are blurry or too small. Next, you’ll want to submit photos that highlight your best features. As gross as it sounds,  you want to make sure you’re showing enough skin to grab the attention of voters. I wouldn’t go any further than a bikini, though, or you run the risk of the photo being considered trashy and unmodel-worthy. If you follow these general advice rules, you should be winning modeling contests in no time.

Where can you organize a modeling competition?

There are countless modeling competitions in bars and clubs across the country where amateur models can show off their stuff. Radio stations and TV stations often have their modeling contests per season. However, this is not the best type as they rarely give feedback or criticism. I recommend that you look for a good talent website such as  http://www.trifame.com. They have competitions for models, musicians, and dancers sponsored by industry professionals. If you win one of their contests, you can often be seen in a magazine shoot. They also have an active community that votes for your content and gives you feedback through comments and private messages.